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9th January 2011


i don’t know about you, but we are getting over head colds here at our house. luckily, dane and i weren’t hit too hard with it, but the only one in our house who couldn’t take any meds sure did.

poor pickle.

but, he’s doing much better now.

also, just a note that i have created a new blog. i’m calling it my personal personal blog. because, really, this blog is my personal/business blog. i enjoy writing and sharing (i have been blogging for over 6 years now!), but this blog gets a lot of traffic from my clients and future clients so i need to focus on keeping this one updated with business news and photos. (i’ve had several inquiries through facebook…please, please send me an e-mail! i cannot send you my pricing info through facebook!

as for my personal blog…well, i’ll be writing about anything from the bible, crafts, homeschooling, photography, a book (yes, i’m writing one!), marriage, and millions of other things i might be interested in.

so, if you want to get to know me more then head on over to my mombrain blog!  i’ll be posting there several times a week so add to google reader or subscribe!


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