i am shari henson.
i am a family and portrait photographer located in fort worth, tx.
i am in love with my handsome husband.
i have a sweet baby boy named caleb.
(photo taken by ann itschner)
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March 31, 2014

In this age of smart phones, tablets, and DSLRs we probably have more photos of our kids from one year than from my entire childhood.

It’s just…easy.

And some believe it’s too easy.  That we’ve lost the art of photography and the interwebs is cluttered with selfies, poor quality phone snaps, and Instagram photos of our food.  That we’re spending too much time on our phones or behind our camera taking photos than actually living the moment and maybe that’s true for some people.

So let me tell you what happened to me this week and why taking photos ALL THE TIME is important to me.

You may know that in June of 2012 we welcomed a foster son into our home.  He had a chronic illness and had a strict regimen of medications and feedings.  He was in our home about 9 months.  At that time, our oldest was 2 and I felt pretty crazy most of the time.  We had 2-3 doctor visits each week on top of his scheduled CPS visits.  Then, the last 4 months of his stay he was throwing up 2-3 times a week for reasons we still need answers to.  Oh, did I mention I was pregnant with killer morning sickness, too?  There was no fun being had in this house.  I didn’t pick up my camera for an entire month and when I did it was only for a few snaps.  It sat on a shelf in our bedroom closet.

There was no beauty.  There was no art.

It’s been a year since we said goodbye to our son and the truth is I forget what he looks like.  That’s just our reality.  When you don’t have them walking and talking around you everyday it’s easy to forget some of the details.  There is only small percentage of people in this world that know he even existed as a part of our family.  It’s still hard to introduce my two boys and not our middle son.  It’s still hard that I am not currently the one he calls mom.

This week my husband finished putting together all the video footage we have of him.  It’s almost too much to take.  Tears are welling up now and I’m not even watching it.  Sometimes I forget we were foster parents.  Time is funny like that.  You start wondering if your reality was actually just a dream.  For me, the random photos I took (on all of my devices) remind me that he was real.  The grainy photos of us snuggled in bed remind me that he loved it there the most.  When I took a selfie his crazy hair didn’t fit in the frame.  The blurry ones remind me he never ever never sat still.  And the naked tummies, one milky and one chocolate, remind me of the wonderful bond of brotherhood no matter the circumstances.  I know he’s grown and changed so much since being in our home but those photos reflect the best things about our time with him.

And they remind me that he will forever be ours.

Your great life is really happening.  Take photos to remember it.


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March 11, 2014

this post starts off with our trip to Pacific Grove.  i had a chance to go on a walk and explore by myself and it was wonderful!  i really do love taking photos all the time…not just portraits.

March 5, 2014

our annual trip to california happened a few weeks ago.  and boy was it needed.  the weather was perfect and no big plans were made. the kids had grandparent time. and the parents were able to relax (i even read a little bit!).

dane’s parents completely renovated their house. it is gorgeous.

the back hallway was a favorite place for grandma lisa, caleb, and jack. cars, balls, trucks, etc. you could find them hanging out in this area twenty four sev.

caleb has to hug and say ‘hi’ to every tree on our walks.

snack time cuteness

meeting GG (great grandmama) for the first time.

January 22, 2014

the littlest babe doesn’t get much internet time.

but we make up for it by treating him like the baby in real-life time.

he is smothered in love. he kinda likes it.

January 14, 2014

these were taken right before the flu swept through our home taking dane and caleb hostage for a week.  still recovering but life is returning to crazy (it will never be normal, it will just be different levels of crazy).

(one of caleb’s favorite things to do is spin.  he asked me to take photos of him doing so.)

February 7, 2012

here’s the second part to our california vacation. there are still about 100 photos that didn’t make the cut so maybe i will post them at a later date.

caleb put stickers on everyone’s face. :)

went to a forest to see some big trees.

the morning walking crew.

reading in the yellow submarine!

and puzzling…lots of puzzling always going on with us.

February 4, 2012

here is a generous amount of photos from our first few days on vacation. unfortunately, there is still so many more that i want to share.  maybe at a later date.

we stayed in aptos again this year, but it was in another house.  an even BETTER house.  it was right across from the ocean.  no flights of stairs or rough terrain.  just a few feet from the sand!

my mother-in-law painted this yellow submarine for caleb!  it was so much fun!

this is dane’s grandmama.  she was reading a letter dane wrote to her for one of his home school assignments.

i love the way grandparents love everything their grandkids do.

the house was filled with ocean decor.  we had to applaud the owner’s efforts of finding so many different, miscellaneous creatures and objects that represented beach, ocean, etc.  but, some of the items were a bit crazy.  this one was one of my favorites.

ok, see that white house just to the right of caleb’s head? the one with the white truck in front? THAT was our beach house!  and now we’re on the beach!  just a stone’s throw away!

LOVE LOVE luv luv


August 8, 2011

here’s one from 3 years ago…

love this photo because i LOVE to dance!  we have a MILLION photos of our reception, but this one always sticks out to me. prolly ’cause we are both in our own little worlds dancing away and enjoying it.

here’s one from friday night before our celebratory dinner.

we have grown together so much!  we have a LOT of learning to do and we are excited to see where God takes us!  this year we decided on a leather journal (traditional gift is leather for the 3rd anniversary) where we can stash all of our love notes.  yep, we still write a ton of love notes to each other.  this way we can keep them all in the same place and even add photos or prayers if we want to.  dane wrote me a letter each day this week!  i LOVE the written word. there’s nothing like it. :)

we had a lovely weekend in dallas.  it was my first night away from caleb so we didn’t want to go too far.  my mom came up early on friday afternoon and dane and i had the entire afternoon/evening and then all day saturday to ourselves.

this is The Corinthian Bed and Breakfast in Dallas, TX.  it was amazing!  i took more photos of the inside, but i wish i could have taken photos of the welcome feeling and hospitality that surrounded the place.

on friday night i took dane to Texas de Brazil and then, after much driving and walking downtown, we ended up in Deep Ellum at a comedy bar. it was fun and just our kind of atmosphere.

on saturday morning, we joined the other guests at the B&B in the main house for a fancy breakfast. although, we did break one rule for our overnight getaway!  i told dane that we could wake up at whatever time, but we had to stay in bed until 9. we had to get out of bed at 8:15 to get ready for breakfast at 9:00. i didn’t mind, though. :) afterwards we headed to a few antique stores and then the dallas world aquarium. this was when i started to miss caleb.  i kept thinking about how he would LOVE to see everything!

you see that gray thing in the water?  it’s a manatee!  i don’t think i’ve ever seen one!

jellyfish! fact: i’ve been stung two different times by jellyfish. once in corpus christi and once in florida.

the underside of a gecko.

those were just a few of my favorites.  we had such a great time and got a great report on caleb when we returned.  i’m glad we didn’t have anything planned saturday night because i just cuddled with my baby and vegged on the couch!

June 20, 2011

these are my two feline roommates.  i don’t have any photos of my human roommates since we stay pretty busy when we are together.

the first is scribble and then ninnymuggins is the scared one. ha!  this is usually their response upon seeing caleb!

i sat down today in my office chair when i laid caleb down for his nap and i haven’t moved!  since the damons are staying in here, i try not to spend too much time in their space so i’ve been using that as an excuse to stay away from my ‘work’.  but alas, bills need to be paid, photos need to be edited, and pinterest needed to be updated. :)

i have a family session this week and thankfully i found some indoor places because it is BLAZING HOT out there!

June 8, 2011

the 411:

1. my sister-in-law and her husband moved in with us a few weeks ago so i’ve been spending as much time as possible hanging out with them.  they will, eventually, be moving into their own place once they both find suitable jobs. :( i don’t know what i’m going to do without them.

2. i’ve been working on my branding and packaging a little bit.  i think it’s finally coming all together now.  i was able to deliver some BEAUTIFUL prints this morning set with my shiny, new business cards.

3. caleb is the best.  today i started a 21-day prayer challenge over him.  i love him so much and want to raise him right.  i know that i will fail many times so all i’m left with is prayer. thankful for a God who listens when i call. if you are a mom of boys and are interested in praying Scripture over them then check out this book.

(gah! he’s such a doll!)

4. i have been reading A LOT.  it may or may not have something to do with nicole moving in.  her love affair with books has infected me…as if i didn’t have one already! ha!  we’ve been going to the library weekly and i’ve been reading about 2 books a week!  LOVE IT!  reminds me of summertime in high school.  i would eat dinner then shut myself in my room and read all night!  #nerd  a new favorite is The Same Kind of Different As Me.  i think everyone should be required to read it.  aaaaand there’s a lot of fort worth/dallas area history in there, too!

5. i’m a huge Dallas Mavericks fan so i absolutely love that they are in the finals!  i’ve been watching them for 10 years (almost as long as Dirk has been there) and have some of the best memories from hanging out with my high school buddies while watching the game.  i almost skipped my senior prom when the spurs played the mavs during the western conference finals in 2003.  and i almost skipped out on going to china when the MAVS PLAYED THE HEAT in 2006 in the FINALS! ok, i’m just kidding about that last one. :)  but, seriously, i love watching them and i love having at least two watching parties a week. :) i would love to see them win their first national title. and finally get a proper rematch.

6. been running quite a bit.  nicole runs with me 3 days/week.  we try to get 3 miles in, but i bet with the stroller we’re only getting 2.5 each time.  and then we rotate between DVDs for our cross training on the other days.  it’s been fun.  and i’m sleeping reeeeeally well at night. ;)

7. *sigh* i don’t really want to talk about this one because it brings me down.  the two girls i meet with for discipleship on a weekly basis, erin and traci, are moving! actually, traci is on her way to west texas as i type!  i have known both of them for less than a year, but we dated pretty hardcore and they both just jump right in when it comes to the doctrine.  i finally broke down last week as it had been eating away at me for several days.  i fully trust the Lord is placing them exactly where they need to be, i just wish it was closer to me.  now i gotta find a new friend to date and get to know. :)

welp, that’s pretty much it.